Dogtooth Cluster Calcite

Dogtooth Cluster Calcite

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Soothing, relaxing, calming.  Transforms negative energy into positive energy 

Dogtooth Calcite is a form of calcite crystal that has a distinctive elongated shape, resembling the teeth of a dog or a wolf. It is believed to have a number of metaphysical properties, including:

1. Cleansing and purifying energy: Dogtooth Calcite is said to have a powerful cleansing and purifying effect on both the physical and energetic bodies.

2. Manifestation: It is believed to have a strong manifestation energy that can help to attract abundance, prosperity, and success into one's life.

3. Self-discovery and self-awareness: Dogtooth Calcite is said to promote self-discovery and self-awareness, helping individuals to understand themselves better and discover their true purpose in life.

4. Grounding and balancing: It is believed to have a grounding and balancing effect that can help to bring stability and harmony to one's life.

5. Healing: Dogtooth Calcite is said to have healing properties that can help to alleviate physical and emotional pain and promote overall wellness.

6. Spiritual growth: It is believed to enhance spiritual growth and assist in spiritual awakening and ascension.

Overall, Dogtooth Calcite is considered to be a powerful and versatile crystal that can bring a range of positive energies and benefits to those who use it. It is often used in meditation, energy healing, and crystal healing practices to promote spiritual growth, physical and emotional healing, and manifestation.