Numerology 101

Everything in the Universe has an energetic vibration. Every number & letter has it's own unique vibration that contributes to the story of your life.  Numerology dates thousands of years back to ancient civilizations, and is still widely used today. Your Personality Profile Numerology Reading includes 7 of your most important characteristics that make you who you are & can help you to navigate your way through life.

Here's what your letters & numbers will show you: 

Life Path Number - your character & the type of life you'll live

Destiny Number - what you are destined to do, & who you are destined to become

Soul Number - what your soul needs you to be in order to feel complete

Personality Number - the outer you, how others perceive you 

Maturity Number - your future potential & the ultimate goal of your life

Current Name Number - your energetic signature & additional personality traits 

Birth Day Number - specific talents & abilities to assist you on your life path 


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